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What is Booning?

Booning is a new travel meme that lets people from around the globe explore the farthest reaches of the world together through social media.


To inspire the global exchange of culture and ideas through crowdsourced social tourism.

Joining This Boon

Anyone can join the Bangalore Boon:

1. Research Bangalore, India
2. Come up with cool and unusual things to do
3. Tell the Boonmaster what to do by submitting ideas here

A Souvenir from Bangalore

Want a one of a kind souvenir from Bangalore? For $20 US, you can have a surprise gift shipped to you anywhere in the world.
A Souvenir from the Bangalore Boon

Starting a Boon

Anyone can start a Boon, here's how:

1. Travel to a faraway land
2. Let strangers tell you what to do through social media
3. Send photos, videos and gifts back to them

Want help setting up your own (city) website?